The moon in Astrology is connected with the UNCONSCIOUS, the EMOTIONS, the PAST, our INSTINCTS. The moon moves in cycles, phases and an awareness and a fixation on the Moon’s movements keep us locked in repetitive patterns of emotional expression which do not allow us to ELEVATE our energy field beyond it. Therefore, we keep repeating patterns and cycles because of this focus and intent. 

I used to teach about moon manifestations…how to use the Moon’s energy phases to create and set intentions and release, however, this is a pattern….the ebb and flow. There is nothing wrong with ebb and flow, intention and release….but when we have so much of our consciousness on a dead energy system it keeps us locked into these patterns of expression which can be frustrating your ASCENSION. 

In this 5 week revolutionary class we will look at our personal natal chart and focus on our Moon placements and Sign. We will learn about how to TRANSCEND the energy of the Moon matrix and how to ASCEND above and beyond the moon’s consciousness into the higher realms of awareness by REPLACING the MOON with certain planetary bodies to align your energy system with transcending the collective karma of the moon, therefore elevating you into a more empowered energy expression of the total birth chart. 

We will use the system of ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY which describes the three planetary energies that are VEILED BY THE MOON, Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune. 

Here is an excerpt describing the effects of the moon on human consciousness: 

The vast majority of humanity is still quite fully focused on the life of the personality. Attachments to one’s biological karma, instinctual emotional responsiveness, patterns of early family conditioning and conformistic sociological behavior (all lunar influenced) are still very strongly integrated into the mass consciousness. 

From the ~soul centered~ esoteric perspective, the Moon has no essential life value. (All planets are a CONSCIOUSNESS). It is a storehouse for the past – especially that past which is characterized by outworn and discarded astral images and desires. Although our attunement with the essential wholeness of life is steadily growing, a number of us are still struggling with the relationship between our soul awareness and our involvement with our physical, mental, and especially our emotional lives. This is the ~cross~ that we bear, is it not? And it is this ~cross~, and the sacrifices and re-orientations that it requires, which lead us more assuredly to a place of greater consciousness. As we move towards the fixed cross we are moving through the illusion of the Moon, trying to perceive beyond the maya of pre-conditional forms of body, mind and emotions, and into the reality that is Love/Wisdom. 


In this class I will walk you through the INTERPRETATION of your moon placement and how to read your natal chart and bring in the energies that the Moon is veiling. 

· Vulcan breaks up the karmic patterns around your moon sign and house. It brings the awareness of what emotional patterns you wish to free yourself from by redirecting the focus to the energy near your Sun placement. 

· Uranus is the planet of the Seventh Ray – Ceremonial Order and Magic. When its energies are stimulated, it allows one to be in tune with the relationship between the external order of life and the unfolding ~Will-To-Create~. Both ~cause~ and ~effect~ are cyclical in expression. Uranus functions in this respect as a vehicle which breaks down those forms that are no longer consistent with the involuntary and evolutionary movements of the Life Force. 

· Neptune is veiled by the Moon in its highest expression, Neptune is a most mystical and, from the level of the Soul, a most benefic influence in one’s life. Neptune is the expression in the solar system of the ~heart of the spiritual Sun~. It is the planet most closely linked with the work of the Soul in manifestation and is thus the vehicle for the Christ consciousness, which is indeed at the Heart of Divinity. Source: 

Week One~ 

We explore your moon sign and how it is currently operating and affecting your life so that you understand how it is keeping you locked into repeating karmic patterns. 

Week Two~ 

We explore moving our awareness into breaking up the patterns of the moons phases and replacing our awareness with Vulcan (a phantom planet near the Sun and Mercury). 

Week Three~ 

We will explore the planet Uranus and how we replace this energy with the moon’s placement and this is where it gets really exciting! 

Week Four~ 

We explore the highest expression of the moon’s veils, Neptune and how to “tune into” the higher vibrational fields which allow for a flow of increased intuition and loves expression. 

Week Five~ 

We will review our work and discuss our observations. 

You will receive: 

A weekly Zoom link for each class session. 

Supportive links and materials to help make this transition. 

Weekly Journaling suggestions to help you to align with the transformation you are undertaking. 

3 recorded activations/meditations that you can use for your personal process. 

Recordings of all the class sessions for further study. 

Class begins Sunday July 24, 2019 at 5:00 pm Pacific time

Three Veils of the Moon