A Journey of Ascension

The moons sign and house expression in your natal chart is generally felt as a deep emotional energy that generates your RESPONSES, your emotional TRIGGERS, and is the seat of your painful and/or significant MEMORIES.

The moon’s natural energy is to REFLECT….so within you it is felt as the awareness of your sub-conscious, the things that erupt and cause strong responses that are connected to memories and karmic knowledge, the emotional patterns that repeat….impulses that confuse you.

There is great movement and power within when you can transcend the mesmerism around the moon and tap into the higher frequencies that are available to you on a Quantum level….meaning a different dimensional frequency, in which you manifest your intimate reality.  There is a deeper connection to the ultimate field of potential and transcending your emotional cycles allows you to recognize your patterns and make new choices that serve your higher self and ultimately manifest CHANGE in your world.

The moon moves in cycles, phases and awareness and a fixation on the Moon’s movements keep us locked in repetitive patterns of emotional expression which do not allow us to ELEVATE our energy field beyond it.  Therefore, we keep repeating patterns and cycles because of this focus and intent.

In this 5 week revolutionary class we will look at our personal natal chart and focus on our Moon placements and Sign.   We will learn about how to TRANSCEND the energy of the Moon matrix and how to ASCEND above and beyond the moon’s consciousness into the higher realms of awareness by REPLACING the MOON with certain planetary bodies to align your energy system with transcending the collective karma of the moon, therefore elevating you into a more empowered energy expression of the total birth chart.

We will use the system of ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY which describes the three planetary energies that are VEILED BY THE MOON, Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune.

In this class I will walk you through the INTERPRETATION of your moon sign and placement and how to bring in the energies that the Moon is veiling, to create healing and to energetically unplug from the Moon matrix of karma and repeating cycles so that you can live in your birthright of EMPOWERMENT.

Vulcan (a hypothetical position in space near your natal Sun) breaks up the karmic patterns around your moon sign and house.  It brings the awareness of what emotional patterns you wish to free yourself from by redirecting the focus to the energy near your Sun placement.

Uranus is the planet of Ceremonial Order and Magic. When its energies are stimulated, it allows one to be in tune with the relationship between the external order of life and the unfolding, the magic of intention and creation.  This is the great Agent of Change,…. Uranus ushers in the New Galactic Identity and merges with humanitarian ideals and actions.  Service is claimed here.

Neptune is veiled by the Moon in its highest expression, Neptune is a most mystical and, from the level of the Soul, a most benefic influence in one’s life. Neptune is the expression in the solar system of the ~heart of the spiritual Sun~. It is the planet most closely linked with the work of the Soul in manifestation and is thus the vehicle for the Christ consciousness, which is indeed at the Heart of Divinity. 

Week One ~ We explore your Moon sign and placement in the chart to gain an understanding on how you may be living in an unconscious expression of the shadow.   

Week Two ~ We focus on guidance to prepare you for the higher more conscious expression of the Moon’s portal to self-mastery by leaning into the highest expression of your moon sign through the energy of Vulcan.

Week Three ~ In our focus on breaking the habitual chains of our sub-conscious conditioning so that we can create more clarity around our heart’s desires.

Week Four ~ Uranus offers the emergence of the New Earth Archetype or expanded spiritual expression and your contribution of Service…this awareness brings our focus to a new identity of Sovereignty, a new archetype that will resonate deeply and shift your cyclic nature into a flow of dynamic creation, rather than continually moving into the emotional arena.

Week Five ~ Neptune is the true ruler of Cancer and the Soul Center of our expression as Creative Source Energy.  When you have transcended the cyclical energy of the moon the Higher Self that flows through the consciousness of Neptune is now available to you.  This allows you to go deeper into your spiritual practices and to consistently empower your intuitive powers and trust your innate wisdom and guidance.

My intention for this class is to UNVEIL the mysteries of the moon in your experience and to EMPOWER you with self-knowledge for the New Age.  I hope you will join me.


Each group session will occur each Sunday at 9:00 am Pacific time.  Each group coaching class session is recorded and you will receive your personal link for our group session via email, just click on the link and join the group!

We begin each session at 9:00 am Pacific time online via zoom link and each class is live and interactive so that you can ask questions and gain clarity for the process.

Each participant will receive ~

A digital copy of your Natal Birth chart

A weekly Zoom link for each class session.

Supportive links and materials to help make this transition.

Weekly Journaling suggestions to help you to align with the transformation you are undertaking.

3 recorded activations/meditations that you can use for your personal process.

Recordings of all the class sessions for further study.

$177.77  ~ Class begins July 24th, 2022 at 9:00 am Pacific time

Three Veils of the Moon