What it is~

Astrological counseling is an exchange and a reading of your personal soul compass energy. Every soul before birth determines the exact time and energy that is required and needed to live the highest potential in your lifetime. Our soul determines the exact time of our birth so that we can experience the energetic alignments that are important for this soul incarnation.

This is a reading of that energy potential, it covers all areas and aspects of your energy such as:

Your soul compass consciousness.  What you have come to do and how you are here to radiate and illuminate your Light.

Your emotional energy and your connections to your past lives and Akashic records. How you relate to others.  How you express. What is your imagination style, how do you create? What is the underlying emotional current of Your Soul expression.

How you use your emotional energy, how you recharge, how you replenish, how you honor yourself through self-care and boundaries.

We explore your feminine and masculine energy and there is guidance provided as to how to use that energy and how to balance and integrate both qualities within you.

How you process thought. How you learn, how you absorb energy, how you use mental energy and how you communicate. What is your communication style?

How and what you believe, what is important to you, what are your goals, what is your vision?  How do you expand that vision to come into alignment with your highest potential?

Where you holding karma?  What are your biggest restrictions and limitations? How is this energy showing up for you? How is it holding you back?  How can you break through from these self-imposed limitations? Where do you get to be cautious?

Are you a Starseed? How does your individuality show up in the world and why is this important? How are you here to be original and focus your skills and abilities?

What is the seat of your divinity? What is your faith?  Are you psychic,..do you have intuitive abilities?  How are they best applied and how can you use this energy to best serve you and others on your mission.

Where is your inner child wound and how is it affecting you currently now?  How can you use this energy to transcend the wound and use it for healing for success in your life for yourself and others?

What is your life purpose? What is your mission, you’re calling?  What are you specifically here to do?  What are you here to share, what is your message?  How do you connect those dots and begin the service that you know you’re here to provide?

Where is the deepest transformation that you will experience in your life time?  How does this serve you?  Where do you experience the deepest benefits of transformational and evolutionary energy of your life?

How are these energies interacting and at  interplay?  How are they blending together and what opportunities do they offer you for your own personal expression?

How are you channeling your energy into the world and what is the highest expression of that?

What kinds of relationships have you had? What are your styles and patterns in relationships?  How can you transform and transcend these old patterns and habits that no longer serve you?

Where is the energy and focus on your career, how you are seen, how can you show up in the world?  How do you become visible?

Just to name a few benefits…🤗

The price for this reading is $250.00 USD

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