Welcome to my space where I connect with others to work in the Quantum Field of purposeful living.  I am a Spiritual Strategist and Intuitive Guide, and I use the ancient tool of Astrology to reveal the sacred energy imprint of the Soul.  The astrological chart reveals your unique cosmic imprint which is encoded with your evolution through these times and I help support those in search of entering that unique quantum field where support of living an abundant life prevail.

In every human life is the possibility for greatness, and that greatness is a FELT experience.  A desire to serve and to experience with the other the moment of NOW.  It is a whisper from your Soul which is undeniable, a message from the depths of our mind…an internal guidance that nudges, urges.

All beings come into this life with a Purpose and certain aptitudes for service and greater connection and we are pulled into the experiences we are meant to share with others.  The purpose can feel like a flow and happy connection with others in genuine compliment and kindness, for others it is a burning in the chest, a drive to seek a deeper meaning in your life and an urge to express in a way that heals and uplifts another souls path.

Astrology is Soul Guidance and it speaks your truth from the moment of breath into the energetic possibility for your life experience.  It is an energy matrix that exists to reflect your potential so that you remember what your SOUL is here to experience and how you are to engage with your fellow humankind in multidimensional ways.

Your Soul Purpose is the signature of living and thriving in your authentic truth.  It is life in the moment of the eternal NOW…a wholistic trust in yourself and your true immense love and wisdom.

Once you are able to connect in a deep and spiritual way to your own divine guidance and inner Source you have tapped in to the Oracle of Your Soul.

This is the journey.

This is your calling.

This ~ is why you are here ~