Do you have a desire to create a life and that sustains you both spiritually and financially?

Do you desire to create a thriving personal experience that expands as you do, that will create a foundation for your desires and allow you to touch and serve as many as possible?  

Do you wish to inspire, exemplify or provide healing and wisdom from a place of connection and presence? 

 Do you have an urge to depart from an old expression into a new one that will allow more freedom, more time and a true divine flow where you no longer struggle with the limitations and restrictions that you have experienced?

Do you naturally influence, uplift, heal or guide others simply from your innate expression?

If so, then this co-creative opportunity is specifically designed by your needs, level of commitment and to meet you exactly as you are!  

What does coaching with me look like?

This 12 week course includes weekly, 1-1 recorded, 1 hour private sessions and provides what you need to move forward with your sacred vision and bringing it into physical reality, to assist you with shifting gears from a world of creating someone else’s dream, into manifesting your own dream where you are not only lovingly supported but living in a reality that also supports your own self growth and expansion.

During these 12 weeks together, we focus on your current situation and the continued navigation of your astrological chart and innate strengths to create forward momentum into the future in support of your vision of personal success.  Each weekly session will be based on working with your current challenge and to expand on your self-empowerment while we build the structures for your business so that as you exit this experience, you can feel confident in moving forward brilliantly.

I assist you in targeting your deepest core desires and intentions and to create templates that foster your creative process and to create a personal business format that provides the structure needed to bring you into focus with that which supports your highest vision. Together we will create forward motions that reflects your vital essence.  We create action plans weekly to anchor your movement through accountability.

This coaching offer includes practical steps and spiritual principals to guide you in:

  • Being in continual creation mode
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt in your business
  • Attracting your ideal clients online
  • Increasing your confidence in your souls work
  • Forming your unique and authentic brand based on your truth
  • Handling set-backs, crisis, and anxiety in your life and business
  • Forming your core, foundational business beliefs
  • Increasing your online magnetism
  • Financial goal setting and money manifesting
  • Clearing space for more cash money
  • Sharing your offers and getting paid through the intention to serve
  • Selling your work with soul, ease and confidence
  • Understanding business foundations for success
  • Expanding your business as your self-confidence grows
  • Building effective boundaries that reflect your integrity

What you will learn during our time together?

  • How honoring your rhythms will allow breakthrough in your business 
  • How celebrating each success builds momentum
  • How your decisions propel your manifestation
  • How you block your blessings and refuse your manifestations
  • How self-love builds the foundation for your success
  • How to understand your own energetic flow to avoid burnout                             

12 Week Personalized Coaching

Coaching via Zoom session


*Coaching days for personal clients are on Mondays or Tuesdays based on US times and dates.

  • Sessions are LIVE but are recorded and sent to your email inbox
  • This offer includes 12 one-to-one coaching hours in addition to direct access to Lynnette via Text.

Don’t wait another minute to COMMIT WITH INTENTION to creating the life you deserve to experience and the service that is waiting to blossom healing and integration in another!  Reserve your spot today, we begin in January to take advantage of the momentum and strength of Soul!

I hope you will join me.

In Love,