In this 10 week course we take our basic knowledge of Astrology and dive into the layers and complexities of INTERPRETATION.  Interpreting the chart is the most challenging when you are learning Astrology, it can feel confusing to understand the ‘HOW TO” layer and even where to start, as you now have all this information in parts but how do you go about putting it all together so that it makes sense!  This class will focus on de-coding the Natal chart and to strengthen your ability to “read the energy” AND to strengthen your skills to work in service with others through exploring the following:

  • This class is specifically focused on creating a spiritually based astrology based business and how to grow a following and create structures so you can attract your future clients.
  • Pinpointing the THEMES that are present in each chart which shows the FLOW of the LIFE through transformation and evolution.
  • Understanding the transition/inclusion of Esoteric Astrology and how to use both systems as a bridge to guarantee your success as you use Astrology as a service skill to assist others in their Awakening.
  • We will explore Esoteric Astrology and understanding how to read the chart from that perspective by understanding the 3 Veils of the Moon and how to recognize when a client is “MOUNTING A FIXED OR CARDINAL CROSS”
  • We will learn the energy language of TRANSITS so that you can GUIDE others into their future as preparation and to understand what energy potential will be available to them so as to make the most of each impending transit ~ the goal is to use these activations toward their highest expression.
  • Understand how to use the language of the natal chart to guide your client in their own ENERGY MASTERY so they feel the confidence and success of embracing AUTHENTICITY.
  • We explore reading COMPOSITE CHARTS (based on midpoints of 2 charts) which creates a chart of the RELATIONSHIP itself.
  • We explore SYNASTRY charts (Comparison charts)
  • We will deepen our knowledge of the ELEMENTS, MODALITIES and how understanding RULERSHIPS is the key to your development chart reading mastery.

The focus of this 10 week class will be on deepening our understanding the Themes of Frequency that is apparent in every chart.  The astrological natal chart will reveal a “theme” of focus for this lifetime and it will reveal through the SQUARE, OPPOSITION and INCONJUNCT where the main focus for this life will be on ENERGY MASTERY.  This is in part when the life purpose reveals itself through the understanding of the PATTERNS that are present in the chart.  

I have designed this class to be the perfect next step for my beginning astrology students to take you to the next level of chart interpretation mastery and to support a potential business in using astrology to serve others on their own path of discovery.

Class begins Sunday, April 19th 2020 at 12:00 pm Pacific and will end on Sunday June 21st 2020.  We will meet weekly online through Zoom Conference where the 2 hour class will be recorded and sent to your inbox after each session for your review at a later date.  Enrollment for the class ends midnight February 22nd 2020, midnight Pacific time

Advanced Astrology 2.0