In this reading we look at the Solar return chart which is drawn up based on your birth date, exact time and current location where you reside.

This chart gives us insight into the year ahead for you, it is like having a personal map of where you can focus for your best results!

In this reading we will look at the following:

The Ascendant, which will be different in most cases from your natal chart ascendant.  It describes your overall approach to the year ahead and will give us clues by rulership to where you are drawing more information as to qualities available to you as you move into new horizons.

Which planets and points in the natal chart, if any, that are in an angle (aspect) to the solar return chart giving insight into how to navigate the energies that are highlighted.

Where the Sun is located for the year ahead by house.  This can show a strong area of focus for the upcoming year for you, where you have the potential to rejuvenate your life energy.  Any aspect that the Sun is making to the natal chart and or other transiting planets.

Where the Moon placement is by sign and area of life.  The Moon in astrology reveals the emotional landscape for you, and will most likely be different from your natal moon sign so this placement reveals so much about how you will emotionally approach aspects of the changes that this new year bring for you.  The house reveals where you will be emotionally invested and the sign of the Solar Return Moon will show how you will process any new changes coming your way.

We look at finances, Love and spiritual development as potential aspects for the year ahead.

We will also discuss your current Progressed Moon placements as it relates to the year ahead.

You will receive the following:

Solar Chart

Natal Chart

Progressed Moon chart

Recording of the session

$150.00 60 Minute Session