This course will be offered as a 8-week course study covering the basics of Astrology and all sessions will be recorded and can be stored for future reference and study.   You will learn the fascinating basics of Astrology through the navigation of your own natal chart and will come away from this course with a firm grasp on your personal Soul Signature energy.  In this class instruction I offer my unique overlapping of both Evolutionary and Esoteric Astrology.  If you are simply interested in knowing more for your own awareness or you would like to assist others through astrology, this class is for you!  

​This class will be taught from my unique perspective that the planets are a reflection OF OUR ENERGY, not the reverse of that and that they are beacons guiding us into self-awareness and self-reflection.

​This is a beginner class but don’t get me wrong…there is a lot of ground to cover.  Astrology is like a never-ending mystery of symbols and impressions and anyone who is crazy about Astrology will tell you, you can never know it all!  

I will teach you from my approach which is Evolutionary Astrology AND the very expansive SOUL CENTERED system of ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, both are systems of understanding the Self in a deeper way and how we can use the information for transformation and growth.  What inspires us, what drives us, how we communicate, how we receive love, give love, what gives us comfort, our creativity and self-expression our deep insecurities and how to navigate them.   No Astrologer will understand you better than yourself and knowing and understanding your natal chart is like unlocking the mysteries that may be just out of reach of your consciousness.  This will open up worlds of wonder to you and it offers deep validation of your true nature.  If you struggle with self-acceptance, knowing yourself in deeper ways can be a priceless endeavor.  This knowledge allows you to relax into the radiance of your true nature of Being and will reveal the qualities of your life purpose and what you are here to heal and teach others.

Evolutionary Astrology is a system of focus on Spiritual Growth and Awakening.  The planets have a different orientation than they have in Western Astrology.

For the purposes of this class we will explore the Esoteric meanings of those planets and the signs they reflect, and we will dive into how you can read the chart from the perspective of Esoteric Astrology to offer depth and Soul centered focus.

 A personal natal chart for each individual will be drawn and will be used as reference for learning materials in the context of the course.  You will also be supplied with templates and course materials to print and use as reference. 


In brief summary~~~

​Week One:  

Intro to Astrology, what it is and how it works as acts as our guide as a Life map, we will look at the basic wheel and discuss the Ascendant and its importance.

We will look at our personal natal charts to give you an orientation as we begin!

Week Two:

 The Houses, are more like the Rooms of a Mansion of Your Soul where your instincts and vital expression is activated or played out.  You will learn the evolutionary flow of the houses, quadrants, and hemispheres.

Week Three: 

The Signs and meanings.  This covers the basic structure of the chart, and the evolution of the signs.  The Signs are Energizers that the planets express through and they are representative of Archetypes.  The signs (Aries ~ Pisces) tells the story of the phases from birth to death.

Week Four:

 The Planets including Chiron, Sun and Moon ~ Our instincts and vital expression.  This week will cover the energy for each planet plus the luminaries   The planets act as channels for your flow of intuition and instinct.  They are the galactic messengers of your Soul Signature vibration and they carry both light and shadow expression which can be understood and navigated.  They are the keys that unlock your true power and creativity.

Week Five:

This week we will discuss Archetypes and expand on the planetary energies and we will discuss the differences with the meanings of Planetary energy as it radiates through the Esoteric perspective.  In this class we will also learn the Elements and Modalities.

Week Six:

  The Main Aspects, the language of Astrology.  This will tie all the energy together and synthesize the information so that you can read your chart and understand the transits (planetary bodies as they move in the heavens and how they activate your stationary natal planets) as they occur. 

Week Seven:

This week we will focus on INTERPRETATION and how to find the flow and pattern in every natal chart through RULERSHIPS.  This is where the MAGIC is!

I will show you how to find the flow of the life purpose and how to counsel your clients to reach their highest potential.

Week Eight:

We tie all the mysteries together as we gain a deeper understanding of chart interpretation.

We will delve deeper in to identifying the Life Purpose in the chart for yourself and your clients.

Classes begin July 26, 2020

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