Join me as we explore the TAROT and dive into the mystical realm of your psychic and intuitive centers.

For ages of time tarot has been an allegory/archetype of the story of the human condition and acts as a
divination of your destiny and the steps you can take to navigate your self-mastery.
The ability to read the tarot cards intuitively opens the psychic centers of those drawn to their own
guidance in story form. A relationship between reader and questioner deepens as both explore the
divine realms of the hidden and subconscious mind tapping into higher perspectives in the spiritual

I approach teaching tarot through the conscious gate of SOUL to go beyond future forecasting and into
the SOUL URGE to express and access the PURPOSE OF WHY the souls moves in the body the way it
Every soul has a path that unfolds a very unique and personal MYTH that guides the human mind
through a maze of awakening. Tarot IS a tool of awakening because it speaks to the INNATE URGE to
express a purposeful life. A purposeful life fulfills our spiritual nature as we seek truth and to serve
others in our own way.
It is a basis of many cultures and mythic legends that thread across time and space.
Tarot connects us to our INNER ARCHETYPES and offers permission toward greater AUTENTIC living. Its
from this place we can lead, guide, inspire and heal with support other souls who are also seeking the

In this masterclass we will work with the THOTH deck and will use the Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien to chart our course through the Fools Journey. This handbook speaks and teaches of the tarot from a PSYCHOLOGICAL perspective and deepens the meanings of each card to give you a potent grasp on the archetypes and allegories present in this mysterious divination tool.

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The duration for the masterclass is for those who are ready to navigate shadow energies from a healing
perspective. The Thoth deck and its origins is CONTROVERSIAL and that is why I chose it. In this offer I
will guide you on how to work with the dark energies that can present themselves as you access the
psychic realm, there will be a lot of coaching in this space for not only how to use the tarot for your
personal direction but also how to use this potent oracle energy to guide others.
There will be much discussion of how to recognize your psychic centers so you can identify your gifts
more clearly.

I am truly excited to open this circle with all of you and I can’t wait to get started!

Much Love,

The cost for the class (all 8 sessions) is $333

Sunday Mornings at 8:00 am Pacific
London – 4:00 pm
Chicago – 10:00 pm
Istanbul – 7:00 pm
New York – 11:00 am

This masterclass consists of (8) 2 hour sessions taught live and recorded for future viewing. There will be plenty of class participation and you will be invited to partner with another member so you have a tarot buddy to trade sessions with (not mandatory) and I always open up the space for any questions you may have during this process.
I will also be providing meditation and journal prompts as homework so you always know exactly where
you are in this process.
I am gifting (3) new and large sized THOTH decks to the first three enrollees that book this masterclass!
I am so excited to open this space and look forward to working with all of you!

We begin July 9th