This powerful session is based on addressing relationship dynamics and potential conflict resolution for couples of any kind, intimate, business, sibling etc.  

At the intake, I draw up each person’s natal chart and then a separate chart is drawn up by combining the mid-points of each planet together to create a chart of the relationship itself.

This relationship chart speaks to HOW the relationship functions by looking at communication styles, approach to conflict resolution, where you shine as a couple, how the couple extends themselves into the world of perception and how you can work together as ONE.  We look at compatibility, intimacy and at potential challenges that you may face together and intuitive guidance on how to work with these complexities for optimal results.

This session can be held with one person or both people in attendance.

This is a wonderful chart to look at potentials for a relationship with another and is especially supportive to couples who are struggling to move into deeper intimacy with each other.  The session is two hours in length and is recorded.

You will receive:

Natal chart for each participant

Relationship chart

Transit chart for the relationship

Recording of session

$250.00 2 hour reading