This, is an inner discovery of each face of the GODDESS and an exploration of Soul, of the deepest aspects of ourselves and what defines our divine destiny as a feminine frequency.

Womanhood has suffered maligned intentions for centuries as our human collective descended into darkness seeking to diminish and suppress the power of SHE. This action has left deep scars and soul wounds that have left the feminine as a former shell of HERself, forever seeking a lost spiritual divinity that has been denied, until now.

The unhealed and fractured aspects of our world can only be alchemized by the purity of feminine intuitive strength and psychic empowerment that has taken a full decade of focusedjourneying inward to retrieve the rageful, persecuted and powerful ones that have been left behind for eons of time. 

Together we gather and claim our truth celebrating the return of the EXILED ONE within each of us where all aspects and archetypes of self and are welcomed into your heart.

As we have waded through past shame, debauchery, and the terror of sheer and blatant elimination and the extermination of our physical forms, a healed and rising FEMININE spirit is beginning to flourish like a tender pink lotus opening its precious petals toward heaven taking in all that is offered through our birthright as divine portals of birthing consciousness.

As we experience more of our spiritual embodiment we walk through gates of expansion and awareness, each contributing one to the next, and each building and building upon the wisdom that the feminine Soul provides.

Through the retrieval of innocence, integrity, and love, we ultimately integrate into the sacred wisdom, the presence of the CRONE. 

SHE, a complex union of strength, wisdom and grace is a fully transitioned expression of both the decrepit and the divine. One who has stepped through each gate of awareness with an ache in her heart, yearning for connection and peace and has finally found it.

It is now the work of your soul begins…..

Together we explore the heavenly transits that define our way of spiritual maturity that begins with the Pluto square Pluto around age 36 and traverse the path as it guides us through the power of the outer planets and transits of Uranus, Chiron, Neptune, Plutoand Saturn.

These 5 heavenly bodies and their movements determine your personal SOUL SERVICE for your highest ascended timelineand each prepares you for the sacred service that only you can provide for others as soul nourishment and guidance.

Your soul gifts are unique only to you, and only you can perceive them, and thus, only you can retrieve and claim them.  You are ready for the most magical journey yet, your sacred reason for BEING.

We begin at the entrance of THE LION’S GATE and conclude IN ceremony on May 23rd when Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct the fixed star of Algol, completing the myth of MEDUSA.​ Venus and Jupiter both at 29 degrees of Gemini signifying COMPLETION of the TWIN/dual matrix.

Course Begins: September 102023

Topics covered: 

Pluto square Pluto (age 36-39) a time of Upheaval

Neptune square Neptune (age 38-42) the Fog of Life

Uranus opposite Uranus (age 32-44) the Wake-up call

Chiron return (49-51) healing your Life Wound

Saturn return 2.0 (56-58) becoming the Wise Woman

Beyond Saturn and Chiron – what beauty Completion brings

As well as….The asteroid goddesses…….

Vesta (devotion to sacred purpose)

Juno (commitment, intimacy, relationship)

Pallas Athena (creative intelligence, justice, wisdom)

Ceres (love, nourishment, motherhood)

Each participant will receive their own personal birth chart drawn up by me and emailed to you so that you can see each asteroid and planetary placement and how it relates to you.

Each Sunday session will last between 1 – 2 hours long and will be recorded and available on a password protected platform so you will always have access to the material.

As well as the topics covered above, we will also discuss each planetary transit during our time together including the 4 eclipses of 2023-2024 (Aries-Libra).

*No Refunds Provided


*If you require a payment plan, please email, payment plan is $111/month for 7 month duration. Service fee for payments included.