Lynnette Duncan is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Master Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life and Ascension Coach.  Her approach is to empower all Divine Beings on their path to Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening.  Together with Lynnette you will explore your uniquely chosen galactic imprint which contains the keys and codes of your physical expression here on earth as you unlock your unique potential for quantum shifting and creating lasting empowered change in your life.
Lynnette is the Coach of Coaches, the Mentor for Mentors…help!!
In every Astrological natal chart is the exact alignment that your Soul has chosen for your self expression in this life, within this incredible soul map is revealed your distinct life purpose and life path.  It reveals the story of YOU as an energetic being.  In 4-5 D awareness, the  planet and signs are a reflection of your Soul energy, it is simply an energetic map of your Soul in physical form.  Your life mission and path as a WayShower is intimitely known to you, and your challenges and lessons are clearly addressed as well as your sacred gifts and blessings.  Together we work to bring forward the highest potential that is chosen in this life, and this is a powerful tool for self mastery and self acceptance and you will learn how to use the powerful Laws of Attraction to align with your highest potential.  Your life is your own, the divine guidance you are seeking comes from your higher self.  The One you are seeking is YOU!   All the answers of the Universe are available to you, through you.
Ultimately the natal chart is a huge permission slip to live your very best life in its fullest expression.  Your life mission is written in the stars by you, it is time to claim your divine birthright and step into the fullness of the service you came to be.
Begin your journey now!