Self Love is the key to our Ascension.

It is the key to living prosperous and happy lives.

Self love is the foundation of the spiritual principal for as we love ourselves, we so love GOD.

But the questions is….how do I love myself, and how do I heal and become empowered from my experience?

Our parents don’t teach us, our education does not teach us, even many spiritual teachers do not teach us…so how do we begin?


In this 6 week immersion course we will cover all the essentials of SELF LOVE AND the integration of our soul aspects.

You will receive weekly, recorded zoom coaching sessions with me! You will also receive the benefit from weekly Hypnosis Session specially designed for anchoring this Self Love Journey back into wholeness. Each recorded session is available for easy listening at any time in the convenience of your home.

This course is intimately designed to guide you through the journey of Self Love, and to understand how to navigate claiming your Sovereignty and Empowerment as you move out of the narcissistic type relationship as well as to teach you HOW to practice Self Love and use it to your most effective benefit.


Self Love is Soul Retrieval.

In this process you save your own life!

I will provide you the step by step tools for cultivating a relationship with yourself. We will learn the specific methods and energy portals that we can identify and use every day and even little ways that make a huge difference in our self love practice.

You learn to balance your own energy and to manage your emotions with real skill and effectiveness.

You will be amazed at this process and how the practice of Self Love will immediately calm your nervous system, elevate your Self Confidence and explode your Self Worth in real and lasting ways.

You will find this anchors JOY, LOVE and PROSPERITY permanently.


Activating your Self Love is the key to accessing your Life Purpose and once and for

all elevating yourself into significant the forward motion that you have been craving.

* Weekly emails sent containing course content recorded via Zoom.

* Supportive videos and articles and book references to support your journey delivered to your inbox.

* Weekly guidance and affirmations delivered to your inbox to keep you motivated and in TRUST.

* This weekly coaching will offer guidance on how to use your newly found gift of Self Love to enrich your life and activate your Life Purpose.

Enrollment closes at midnight PST on March 29, 2019.

You will receive your first recorded coaching session on April 1 2019.


*Refunds not provided

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