There is always a “THEME” with every soul that lifts off the page of the Soul Map and the story of YOU, as we visit the original core wound and you are given guidance to heal those distortions quickly so you can use the highest expression of that energy, in this way you become an Energy Master, the natal chart provides the quantum use of that alchemized energy.  Now you have gold in your hands which lights the way to height of your Soul Expression which becomes the vital source of Creation as you claim loyalty to your Divine Soul Purpose.

The Astrological natal chart reading reveals to the Native:
The Soul chosen Life Purpose and the energetics of your Soul Signature are the highest energy potential.  The challenges and blocks are revealed and you are given clues how to navigate the challenging energy to create the highest possible outcome and shift into a high vibrational reality and to use that energy every day.

The chart reveals your communication and learning style and how you will present your life’s work in the world.  This of course appears as grooves and areas where your intentional soul focus naturally flows…we focus here to remove and work with stagnant beliefs of lack and negative self talk.
We also closely examine the timing of the transiting planetary energy that is in movement and reflecting the challenges and light portals you will encounter.  Our ability to look ahead, sometimes more than 10 years, allows you to have a conscious grasp on what approaches and to harness this knowledge for your greatest expansion possible.
This coaching opportunity focuses on the Soul Entrepreneur and together we take concrete steps to open those doors within you as you learn how to use your innate energy for it’s highest expression through Life Mission and Soul Purpose.  Your chosen path of least resistance to the truth of your Being awaits you fully.

These Soul coaching sessions expand on the information and allow you time to integrate what was presented in the initial Natal reading and come back knowing what you would like more clarity and focus on.  The Natal chart is a treasure trove of Soul/Spiritual information that can be hard to digest in one sitting.  This is for the native who is serious about spiritual growth and personal awareness and empowerment.

Soul Activation Coaching with chart

*This offer includes the Astrological Soul Reading as well as 3 consecutive Soul coaching sessions to anchor and master the energy that the Astrology chart has presented.