This offer is for the one who is seeking guidance, support and activations that align with the Soul Purpose and is preparing for stepping into the manifestation and realization of living ON PURPOSE within the Soul Template.

This coaching package is designed for those who wish to energetically align in a deeper way with AUTHENTICITY and SELF MASTERY.

Together we work through the areas of soul that are wanting further expression as we dissolve the energies of FEAR and SELF DOUBT. I will provide you with concrete skills to manage these energies during our time together to claim more ABUNDANCE and FLOW in your experience. We will focus on deeply understanding the mechanics of the Laws of Attraction to bring a further awareness of how to manage your own personal energy field to achieve and align with your own very unique and personal Soul Template to experience greater ease and balance in your life as you ascend.

These sessions focus on SELF MASTERY, and in the experience of our time together you will receive personal activations for your evolutionary process. Activations will include combining our personal energy fields to activate your latent DNA codes that are the keys within your physical form and are activated during the Ascension process. Activations are uniquely designed for your personal experience in the NOW moment and will assist your shift into higher states of awareness.

The Activations are highly intensified bursts of Hypno-Coding to awaken your DNA template and Soul Purpose as you Ascend and Align. Each coaching session with me is personally designed.

3 Individual Sessions