“Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there.” -Rumi

This service is provided for couples seeking balance and understanding in their Love relationship.

  • We will pinpoint areas of compatibility with an emphasis on strengths

  • We will explore areas of conflict and how to use the energy to navigate these issues in a graceful and productive way.

  • We will explore the Composite chart, which is an energy reading of the relationship itself.

  • The Composite chart reveals how the relationship emerges and where sacred union and purpose is most effective

  • This is couples counseling at it finest and the details and information transmitted in a reading is accurate and astounding.

For those on the Twin Flame journey the chart is read the same with an emphasis on sacred mission and navigation.  Please indicate at the time of order if you want a twin flame reading.

This makes a great wedding, anniversary or engagement gift!

If you are serious about creating lasting intimacy and abundance in your relationship, this service is for you both.


$150.00  $120.00

*Refunds not provided