Are you feeling the surge of creativity and intuitive energy emerging within you?

Are you ready to seriously activate your greatness into such an amazing alignment that you just naturally flow into your deepest expression trusting each and every action you make?

Are you seeking a deeper and clearer channel to your life’s purpose and mission?

Have you been in aligned expression yet you are feeling the expansive energy pushing you to shatter the glass ceiling of false beliefs you have been entrained with?

Do you feel that expansion and it feel almost too big to get your arms around?

Quantum Spark is created to support your creative process and to propel you forward into your expansion and energy alignment into 4-5D experience with a strong intention to activate your FREEDOM and LIBERATION codes of MANIFESTATION of your most aligned desires NOW.

This is an 8 day group coaching intensive, and as we come together with a direct intention to align with the tone of our truest vibration. Together we tune in and tone UP, creating a group intention inside a very personal experience. This work is intended to bring spiritually activated SOULS forward who are ready to, not only understand the current energy process, but to have a deeper consciousness of their own personal process.

Together we will clear timelines, shift realities through energy alignment creating a new perceptual awareness.
You are designed to be miraculous.
You are designed as a magical unlimited being and that is precisely your ASCENSION.

You are designed to move through energy patterns and to become conscious of them while elevating into a new lighter expression.
This is not a masterclass of instruction, but an awakening of REMEMBERING how your own personal design is connected to each and every moment, how to capture that and use that energy to anchor the new timeline that is awaiting you.

In this group container you will receive the following ~
We open our circle and close our time together with 2 Hypnosis/Meditations that will energetically open and anchor the aspects of our awakening that we are bringing forward at this time.
Our first session is a group coaching call and we close our 8 days together with another group coaching call to connect, share and ask questions that you have encountered in this process. 6 audio file group coaching and guidance modules for each day complete with journal prompts to help you to facilitate your emerging awareness and breakthroughs.

In session #1, we begin with our first GROUP COACHING CALL. This is a live zoom conference where we will gather, ask questions and receive an energy transmission that will anchor the FUTURE SELF into your personal monad or space.

Then for the following 6 days you will receive your daily guidance in your inbox which will open the following awareness~

  1. SELF LOVE is the key to your Self Mastery
  2. RESONANCE is how we TRUST
  3. Authenticity IS your ASCENSION.
  4. KNOWING what you want.
  5. VISION QUEST ~ The Power of Intention
  6. The POWER of PLAY

Our last day, we come together to anchor our intentions with our group awareness and our own personal energetic intention. Our group dynamic potentiates and facilitates this in a powerful way for we will come together in consciousness, in this space, in agreement to open the exquisite package of our individual missions.

We begin our live 1 st activation/group coaching session on August 23rd , 2019 10am Pacific time, as Mars and Venus conjunt in Virgo which is a deeply grounded and purifying energy that is a powerful expression of UNION and physical MANIFESTATION. This is a deep prayer opening a gentle yet assured path into you ever expanding SELF.

Our last live group call will occur on August 31, 2019 via Zoom where we will gather to share and ask questions and gain clarity on your experience.

**All Live session WILL be recorded for later viewing**

This Course enrollment has closed!