Join me live for a 6 week interactive course in Navigating Self Mastery.

This course will set you on a rapid trajectory into Self Mastery by:

  • Becoming aware of and how to maintain a high vibration of true alignment with your Higher Self and Soul Purpose.

  • Learning how to tune into your personal Vision Quest to bring your deepest desires into physical manifestation.

  • How to create the life of your dreams easily and effortlessly.

  • How to commit to yourself fully.

  • How to tap into the true vibration of your Soul/Higher Self to lead a heart led and centered life.

  • How to quickly use the Laws of Attraction in your life to see results.

  • How to become precise and clear in Who You Are and What You Want.

  • How to fast track your Spiritual awareness by tuning into your Soul Desire.

  • How to use your Soul Guidance System to develop Clarity and Trust.

  • How to end Doubt, Lack and Confusion in your personal field.

  • How to zero in on Your Unique Life Purpose and Soul Vibration.

This six week course will be live and interactive and be facilitated by me personally with a group of 20 souls who are ready to take their Spiritual Journey into new levels of awareness and Personal Mastery.

The class will include weekly meditations specifically designed for the group energy to facilitate your personal and collective experience.  Within the group experience, you will receive one on one coaching by me that will also help to shift and awaken your classmates into greater states of Self Awareness.

This is a life class, however, all sessions will be recorded for later review and study and will be emailed to your personal email account.  You will have lifetime access to any and all future Self Mastery classes facilitated by me.  You will also be added to GroupMe format with your other classmates where you can share your experiences and your personal journey of awakening.

This group is divinely inspired by creator source energy, so you can rest assured that if you feel called to participate, any and all other classmates will assist you and add to your own sacred journey of healing and transformation.

I am seeking 20 Souls who are ready to commit to a higher vibration of Service and prepared to walk through the Portals of Self Discovery that are awaiting their return to God Consciousness.

This is an introductory rate and will not be offered again at this low price, so I encourage you to book now and begin the journey with me into greater Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Peace and Progress.

My intention is to use the Solar Eclipse window of energy to catapult this group into further states of vibratory awareness and expansion.

Class schedule is defined below:

August  25, 2018

Sept. 1, 2018

Sept 8, 2018

Sept 15, 2018

Sept 22, 2018

Sept 29, 2018

The Vision Quest ~ Navigating Self Mastery

This class is held every Saturday at 9:00 am PST U.S for six weeks starting on August 25, 2018