A condensed list of my most popular offerings

Astrological Consultation ~ This unique signature reading for Life Mission and Purpose is life changing, it is a comprehensive reading that weaves the fabric of your Soul with your current reality and brings deep alignment with your AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION.  Together we explore the evidence of support and validation for indulging in your desires as they are guideposts to your Life Mission. This reading includes your current planetary transits (activations) and the path forward for your future. You will receive direct guidance and coaching on how to navigate your birth/current energy

Duration ~ 2 Hours Recorded

Cost ~ $150.00

Book Astrological Consult https://bookyouroracle.timetap.com

Tarot ~ In this one hour coaching session we look at the current energy that is influencing your life and how to navigate it.  We look at current transits and I pull a 10 card tarot spread to deliver a strong message of your immediate awareness and how to work through challenges and how to maximize your highest potential in this moment.

Duration 60 minutes ~ over Zoom, the session is recorded

60 min./$88.00

Book Transits and Tarot Sessions https://bookyouroracle.timetap.com

Relationship Consultation ~ This dynamic reading explores the energy that is created when both you and your partner come into union as we explore how both energies birth a unique imprint which IS the relationship itself.  The Relationship Consultation reveals the dynamic energy you create together and gives direct guidance on how to navigate your relationship for the highest expression possible, both individually and in UNION. Both partners do not need to be present for the reading.

Duration ~ 2 hours Recorded

Cost ~ $150.00
Book Relationship Consult https://bookyouroracle.timetap.com

Child Development Consultation ~ This fun and informative reading reveals how your child is designed for self expression and is valuable guidance for you to understand their unique approach to life.  We explore how they learn, communicate, perceive and what brings comfort and how they respond and express their emotional energy.

Duration ~ 1 hour Recorded

Cost ~ $111.00
Book Child Development Consult https://bookyouroracle.timetap.com

Soul Session ~ As an Intuitive healer my specialty is in my ability to pinpoint, with great accuracy, the core of what is shifting and emerging within you so that you may connect with it in an effective way.  In this comprehensive coaching call we explore your current challenges and direct guidance/coaching is provided to bring precision clarity and focus for self mastery.

Duration ~ 1 hour Recorded

Cost ~ $115

Book Soul Session https://bookyouroracle.timetap.com