An 8 week journey of Psychic and Intuitive Embodiment

April 9, 2022 – May 28, 2022

Please join me for a total immersion experience into the realms of your existence, an exploration of all
of the tendrils of intuition that YOU are and can BE conscious of.
As we grow ever closer to UNITY through our collective AWAKENING, we are BECOMING more and more
aware of our intuitive ability and all the ways that we connect with that wisdom. Our sovereign
birthright is access to all of our abilities to help us navigate our experience and to assist those of us who
are showing up with mentorship and guidance abilities for others.
Our intuitive intelligence is always communicating with us either by SHOWING US, TELLING US,
NUDGING US, it shows up as Earth Medicine, Spirit Animals, synchronized numbers, through color and
even the weather.
The Earth medicine is always talking with us through symbology.
Many of these gifts and abilities tune into the language of the soul, these alone are showing you a
purpose….they are guiding the way to the things that will support you as you are on this uncharted
course. These gifts and abilities are the TOOLS of your Soul and are skills that are INNATE in you as an
This is a journey of discovery and claiming your treasure. It takes your manifestation practice to it’s
ZENITH and taps you into what no one else can teach you.
This is about REMEMBERING the POWER OF SOUL….that YOU, are a CREATOR of your experience.
That your focus and attention to something will create a physical manifestation of it, whether you are
conscious of it or not.

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Our path forward is to claim our INNATE abilities and to use our God/Source given gifts, to bless others
with our connection to Source and to be a BRIDGE for HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.
So here is how we will spend our time…

Week One – The Starseed Path
What that is and what it means TO YOU, learning to trust the path that your life has already
taken, to tune into the messages you have been receiving from birth. We will explore your ECHOES of
Soul which show up as keen interests and attraction to time periods, geographical locations, LEGENDS
and myths that have guided the way. Understanding Resonance.

  • Indigo Souls
  • Tribes of Alliances
  • The Bird Tribes
  • Life Mission assignments
  • Grid Keepers
  • Guides
  • Enhancers
  • Healers
  • Travelers (Bridge workers)
  • Earth Angels
  • How to navigate the density of the earth plane
  • Purpose is always connected to the energy of LOVE
  • Week Two – The Vision Quest & Recognition (Archetypes Cards)
  • Meditation of Remembering (A group past life event), intentionally connecting us to our
    INNATE skills and abilities.
  • You have very specific skills and abilities and although you may have more strength or
    confidence with some skills – you carry the potential for the development of ALL SKILLS.
  • Validating your abilities is part of the healing condition that created that ability.

Week Three – Breaking it down

  • Clairvoyance – 3 rd Eye Clear Seeing THE GIFT OF SIGHT
  • Visions of Color
  • Images
  • Words
  • Pattern recognition by the minds eye
  • Objects
  • Events
  • Actions
  • Nature, trees, weather, clouds, childhood emblems (creates a dialogue for
    Clairaudience THE GIFT OF HEARING – The Communicators
  • Processed through your mind internally
  • Tones – loud deafening ear ringing
  • Trusting the words come in without the thought preceding it
  • Automatic writing
  • Learn to distinguish the inner critic and the INNER HEALER
  • Sound Healing
  • Light Language
  • Speaking Light Language
  • Sounds others can’t hear

Week Four – Clair-cognizance THE GIFT OF CLEAR KNOWING

  • This is an immediate download from your intuition which is a direct line to the higher
  • It provides an action or answer without having any idea of knowing “how” you know it.
  • Pre-Cognition (retro- cognition)
  • Knowledge of future or past events
    – Clairsentience THE GIFT OF CLEAR FEELING
  • Empathic energy, what is it?
  • Manifests physical pressures in many areas of the body, tingles, chills, gut reactions and is being KNOWN through the “waters” or “cells” of the body.
  • Will feel the pain or discomfort of others but not recognized as such
  • Often Grid Keepers who FEEL locations or earth points
  • Can feel in the frequencies that emanate from the earth or environment, picks up the “TONES” of the Earth or area
  • Reads messages in the weather, tunes in to the auras of things

Week Five – Clair salience (Smell)
Clairgustance (taste)
Clair tangency (touch)

  • Smells fragrance of a different timeline or dimension or reality not in 3D
  • Sensing a flavor with no physical evidence of a product
  • Can perceive the “essence” of a substance from psychic realm
  • Touch, psychometry – to sense and touch without physically doing so – sensing the
    presence of spirit connected to physical objects

Week Six – Channeling the GIFT OF CLEAR ELOQUENCE

  • Being present to RECEIVE and be an open vessel of intuitive wisdom for others
  • Learning how to turn of your inner critic so you can receive clear guidance
  • How to open your aura to receive the messages for yourself and others.
  • How to build confidence in your own voice as a COLLECTIVE MESSENGER


  • Prophecy
  • Service
  • Teaching
  • Encouraging
  • Giving
  • Leadership (Guide)
  • Mercy
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Faith
  • Healing
  • Miracles
  • Discernment of Spirit
  • Grace
  • Administration
  • Speaking in tongues (light language)
  • Interpretation of tongues
  • Helpers


  • Receiving all the gifts and abilities that are guaranteed to us, given by SOURCE
  • Growing in righteousness
  • Confidence in your divine channel with Source

We begin our journey together as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune on April 9, 2022 and are graced with a
Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces and a Cancer Moon trine the North Node as we prepare to
immerse ourselves in this intimate and personal experience of Soul. During our time together we will
also have 2 eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio guiding us deeper into the intuitive feminine to open to clear
and focused steps as you embrace your psychic gifts and intuitive powers.
Each week will be ripe with guidance around embracing your abilities and learning to acknowledge the
exact ways that your spirit strongly speaks to you. We each are blessed with intuitive and INNATE gifts
that speak of soul and as we awaken ALL of our abilities will be available to us, let’s explore and embrace together!

Your Caroline Myss archetype cards will be sent to you via drop-ship directly to your home upon
purchase. We will delve into the archetypes.

Please use an active/accessible email when paying. Your correspondence will go to your PAYPAL email address.

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