Spiritual Hypnosis is a conduit of accessing the language of the Soul.

It is a transformation process of connecting to that which is deep within us whether our memories repressed or remembered and to our Soul Purpose.

The sub-conscious mind is the vessel for our eternal awareness of our Soul memory and activity.  Through hypnosis, which is an active process of focused attention of the conscious brain, we are able to gain access to his divine akashic record of our subconscious eternal Soul awareness.

The Soul is aware of the Life Purpose and the deeper meanings behind the experiences that shape our existence here in this lifetime.  Profound connections and revelations are possible informing our conscious minds of the path our Soul has taken to accumulate the lessons and growth needed in this earthly experience.

This is a deeply spiritual and life changing endeavor that will radically transform your conscious awareness of Self ~ it requires a process of three to six sessions to fully integrate the profound messages that Spirit brings for healing and evolution.

  • Connects you to your deepest Soul desires

  • Heals past life trauma and emotional pain

  • Connects you to your profound understanding of the mysteries of your Soul

  • You will connect to other lifetime experiences and how those experiences inform our experience NOW​

  • These powerful sessions act as ACTIVATIONS to bring you into powerful alignment of your Souls Purpose.

This is a package of three hypnosis sessions with a total session length of minimum two hours of one on one active hypnosis and integration with me.  For spiritual hypnosis to be truly life changing a minimum of 3 sessions is needed for balancing and integrating the weight of the information learned and remembered.  This work is life changing.

*Refunds not provided

Hypnotherapy Package