I am Lynnette and I am a Self Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Strategist.

All my life I suffered with a lack of self-worth which affected all of my relationships but especially the relationship I had with myself.  I struggled to understand how others were able to get traction and live a life that felt aligned and grounded.

At the time I did not realize that how I felt about me created my personal energy and that itself was creating how I viewed my world and my beliefs.  Everything felt hard.   Everything felt like I was moving through cement.  I felt that I kept getting disappointed over and over again.

My dreams felt like a distant tug on my heart, a crushing heartbreak that was unattainable.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom in my life with no view forward that I allowed myself to be humble and ask God to show me how to proceed in my life.  I had so many real dreams that were not grandiose but simple and life affirming.

I wanted to spend my time and days building my own dream rather than being a great employee and building someone else’s dream and working to pay for their second homes, vacations and lifestyle.

I knew I had to at least begin again to align more fully with my desires and I started with prayer asking for guidance as I was learning about self-love and I listened.  Soon I was guided to peek at Instagram….I had one photo on my account but had never fully engaged, but I began to search the platform and simply started a page sharing my thoughts and the words of others to inspire and uplift.

I bought both private and coaching courses and sought support to educate myself in my path forward, and I decided to start a meet-up group to create a circle for women’s empowerment and I began sharing what I knew.

It was scary and intense.  I was confronted many times with my fears and insecurities and the more I honored my voice the more I was guided to hone my desires and live more authentically.

Over time, as I gave myself permission to live a different life on my terms, the more I was shown opportunities and was inspired to take actions that supported that vision.

Little by little I was able to gain support and the bud of my business was born.

I am not special.

But I am worthy.

And so are you.

We are all worthy of living a life that is purposeful and that supports our joy and integrity.

We are all worthy of our creative birthright from God so that we may serve and uplift in our own unique way.

Shifting my limiting beliefs and working through my blocks around money, healing and releasing my negative money memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving money are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far. 

My purpose and mission is to light the way of self-empowerment and life affirming action for all beings who desire to claim financial independence and radical innovation.

All beings are born with a drive and a desire for expression that supports authentic living.  This is where we do our greatest work, when we are aligned with God’s will and our ability to live it.

I started on a wing and a prayer and built a solid five figure income in my first business year.  And doubled that in the next year. 

And it all started with loving myself and following my heart.

You can do this.

I know if I can overcome crippling self-doubt and insecurities and do this, anyone can, let me show you how.


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