Oracle readings ~ 45 minutes

Oracle card pull ~ 10 or more cards, multiple decks

Image of cards included

Video recording of session

Oracle Reading

144.00 $

Self Love Guidance Sessions ~ 1 hour

1 on 1 Intuitive coaching session to deepen your self love practice.  In this session you will receive direct guidance on how you can shift your perspectives and energy with this basic healing practice.

Video recording of session

Follow up email

0.00 $

1 on 1 Higher Self Guidance Session ~ 90 minutes

Intuitive guidance and coaching around current blocks

And how to use your energy to dissolve congestion from within.

Oracle card pull ~ Images of cards included

Video recording of session

Higher Self Guidance Session

299.00 $

Package of Three 1 on 1 Higher Self Guidance Sessions ~ 1 hr. each

Intuitive Coaching and Higher Self Guidance with real tools

to aid your progress as you create purposeful action in your life.  These sessions connect directly to your innate guidance through your Higher Self.

Oracle card pull to deepen your understanding, images included.

Touching base emails for support and encouragement.

This package is designed to assist you to gain momentum in your manifestation process.

Video recordings of all sessions

0.00 $