Child Natal Energy Readings

*What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us*

All parents ultimately want their children to thrive and evolve into successful functioning, loving and social human beings.

Children are these delightful little creatures who miraculously appear in our lives as Angels with destiny.  They come to earth with specific tasks and energy and they have very different vibrational imprints from their parents or siblings as their own Soul Signature is unique and sacred.  The challenge is they don’t come with instructions or any sort of manual, they cannot properly communicate in your preferred language and they have an agenda,…to be child like for as long as possible!

As adults we tend to use our time processing our pain to retrieve our Inner Child that somehow has become lost or is hiding in fear or pain.  It is such a paradox, we rush our children into adulthood and then spend most of our time in adulthood seeking to regain the wonder and ease of youth.

As an astrological counselor I explore with you the unique energy signature of your child,

  • the specific way they learn and absorb information

  • the way they communicate

  • their specific emotional nature for comfort and feeling safe

  • their specific skills and talents

  • what their strengths and aptitudes are

  • how they develop relationships with others

  • their creative style

  • where their stress level is

  • how to manage outbursts and tantrums (frustrated expression)

All sessions are recorded and are executed via Skype or Zoom call and will last about 1 1/2 hrs.

You will also receive a copy of their natal chart and upcoming transits*

$111.00   $80.00

*Refunds not provided