This offer includes my signature Astrological Natal Reading as well as 3 consecutive intuitive coaching sessions to anchor the energy of the Quantum Field.

This offer is an expanded container beyond the natal reading to go deeper in your exploration of Self….to come to an understanding of your true authentic nature and to give that expression permission to blossom.  This offer is intuitively guided as we explore all the ways that you are here to trust yourself as never before.

Your true authentic nature is where your abundance and purpose flow….to live in this way is to deeply trust that there is support for the new expression of purpose that is arising in your life.

That feeling is there for a reason. 

In these sessions we explore the ENERGY of your chart and how to access it in it’s highest expression engaging all your awareness in the Quantum Field of the new timeline potential.

These three follow up sessions expand on the wisdom in your chart and allow you time to integrate what was presented in the Natal reading and come back knowing what you would like more clarity and focus on.  The Natal chart is a treasure trove of Soul/Spiritual information that can be hard to digest in one sitting.  This is for the native who is serious about spiritual growth and personal awareness and empowerment.

*Refunds not provided ​

This service is $600.00 USD for 3 Coaching Sessions