*This offer includes the Astrological Natal Reading as well as 3 consecutive sessions to anchor and master the energy that the Astrology chart has presented.

The Astrological natal chart reading reveals to the Native:

  • The Life Purpose and the energetics of your Soul Signature.

  • A huge amount of information which will inform your life of your communication preferences and how you can better communicate with others

  • It reveals how you relate with others and intimate lovers

  • what your values are and how you can best honor them.

  • Your chosen path of least resistance to the truth of your being,

  • How you can best embrace the truth of Who You Are on a very innate level.

  • Opens the door to all possibilities that exist within you

  • Includes a personalized meditation to anchor the Energies presented in the Natal reading.

These follow up sessions expand on the information and allow you time to integrate what was presented in the initial Natal reading and come back knowing what you would like more clarity and focus on.  The Natal chart is a treasure trove of Soul/Spiritual information that can be hard to digest in one sitting.  This is for the native who is serious about spiritual growth and personal awareness and empowerment.

This package if bought at the time of the initial reading is $600.00 which includes the natal chart reading. This is a $200.00 value to you.

*Refunds not provided ​

Astrological Intensive