Astrological Natal Energy Readings

Energy Imprints are the cosmic transmissions from deep beyond time that form your Astrological natal chart. It is your energy signature which is imprinted at the exact moment of your birth and is your Soul of Expression. The Energy imprint reveals your natural expression in the world and also our shadow and unconscious activation’s that are present.

  • This Soul signature reveals our karmic lessons and your Souls Purpose in this lifetime.

  • This signature is constantly transmitting energy and information as the heavenly bodies orbit the Solar system and interact with our Natal planet placements.

  • This is your Unique Energy Expression.

  • An Energy transmission of the Natal Horoscope activates the Initiate into Awareness and Sovereignty and the deeper levels of our Soul, allowing you to stimulate your senses and hone your choices.

  • It is the ultimate tool for guidance to the core of your Souls expression, anchoring in Self Love, Acceptance and Awareness creating the true ability for change.

  • the Divine timing available to you to choose your best and highest choice for living a connected and creative life.

Sessions are done via Skype, Zoom or in person if you live locally and will include a recording of the reading as well as a downloaded copy of your Astrological chart and current transits.

Energy readings are 2 hours in length depending on any questions or clarity you may have or need.

Payment must be received before confirming the session.


This is an in-depth lifetime reading.

All sessions are recorded.

*Refunds not provided