This is an opportunity to work directly with me in a 1-1 environment as you deepen your knowledge of astrology to assist you with the navigation of the chart for your clients.

In this Advanced Astrology learning opportunity we will stretch BEYOND the basics of Astrology and delve into the finer details that create the patterns and images that reveal the Soul Map.

We will focus on Aspect patterns and how they influence the Native but most importantly how you can guide souls to the highest wisdom and purpose of this incarnation.  We will be identifying the Planets and patterns that indicate Starseed and Wayshower markers.

The life mission and purpose lifts off the chart in a revealing a

magical formula for successful navigation of soul.

We will also be learning the basics of Esoteric Astrology as taught by Alice Bailey which is a high level of spiritual understanding of the guidance system we call astrology.

Since Esoteric Astrology is in some ways a departure from Western Astrology we will touch on these basics of the Monads and and 7 Rays, but I guarantee you will find them fascinating!

An excerpt from Alice Bailey’s book “Esoteric Astrology”

“Astrology is a science which must be restored to its original beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the Divine Plan, as it is expressed at this time through the wisdom of the Ages.

Astrology is ~essentially~ the purest presentation of occult truth in the world at this time, because it is the science which deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within that field. When this fact is grasped and the sources of these energies are better comprehended and the nature of the field of space is correctly understood, we shall then see a far wider and at the same time a more closely related horizon; the relationships between individual, planetary, systemic and cosmic entities will be grasped, and we shall then begin to live scientifically.”

This Advanced Astrology learning opportunity is for students who have a good grasp on the basics of Astrology, the Planets, the Signs and the Houses.

Classes will be held via Zoom conference and will be recorded for future viewing and sent directly to your inbox.

Email me for cost.


Lynnette Duncan