There is an exponential increase and potential during the last 8 remaining weeks of 2019.

The synchronicity of 11:11 awakens the Quantum field and co-creates with the cosmos, your most direct alignment with Source and it is in this energy as we gather together in our intention to awaken others.

We bring with us in this moment our deepest INTENTIONS for our liberation through our purpose and spiritual awareness.

The Scorpio New moon is cleansing, releasing and regenerating and within retrograde Mercury’s shadow it is pulling us into depth with our awareness of the wounds we’ve been holding, those energetic hooks that remain.  And it is through these breakthroughs that we come into consciousness of the role we have played in our continued victimization with patterns of separation.

We are moving into deep healing through forgiveness which expresses through RELEASE. 

The astrological energies for the 11:11 Quantum activation are expressing remarkable alignment with the emotional healing that clarifies your mission.  These energies are activating codes of LIBERATION and the PROSPERITY OF SPIRIT that activates your QUANTUM FIELD of ABUNDANCE and allows your greatest alignment with your Soul’s Intention.

What the Scorpio New Moon awakens, the quantum field will exponentiate, so you can expect a vast movement with whatever you bring your focus to NOW.

A Grand Water Trine with the Scorpio Sun/Mercury, the Cancer North Node and your Higher Self aspect; Pisces/Neptune unlocks your Soul Potential to awaken the energy centers within you which unleashes your eternal abilities and skills.

The Taurus Moon paired with Uranus, the Agent of Change, is holding a divination rod with the Cancer North Node (destiny) and focused on the Ruler of Taurus, Venus…..this focus highlights the path forward…the unwaivering VALUES you are connecting with in the deep layers you are uncovering through this Scorpio passage.

This is a divine moment of RECLAMATION.  A ceremony of merging our intention with the QUANTUM FIELD.

Once payment is received, the link to the replay will be sent!

Quantum Activation Replay

Group meditation activation