Join me for the 10/10 portal activation.
Together we will open the powerful 10/10 activation gateway as we enter the zero point field of the center of creation.
In this activation we will open up your energy centers to receive the ascension rays and waves that align you with your true abundance and ability to take action on your sacred dreams, missions and desires.
 We are activating the Abundance! field around you so that you can more easily connect with the ideas and the inspirations that are making their way to your consciousness now opening you up for activation of your purpose.
This session will be recorded and if you are unable to attend personally you will be sent the activation recording immediately after our session ends.
It is time for a fresh new start and the 1010 gateway allows ALL new beginnings to emerge from your personal field of creation.
$44.00 US No refunds

10/10 Portal Activation

No Refunds provided